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Agile Mind Middle School Mathematics and Biology Approved for Adoption

December 1, 2013

State_Adoption_Sticker_TEXASGRAPEVINE, TEXAS—
The Texas Education Agency instructional review panel has approved for adoption Agile Mind Middle School Mathematics 7 & 8 and Biology programs, which were specifically designed to fully support the expectations of the new Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS).

“We are excited to offer Texas schools these core programs, which lay the groundwork for future success in high school math and science,” said Kim Moe, vice president of educational partnerships for Agile Mind. “Because we offer comprehensive course programs that include professional development, lesson planning, practice activities, and built-in assessments, teachers are empowered with a full set of supports and remain solidly at the center of all classroom learning.”

Agile Mind Middle School Mathematics 7 and 8 provides powerful foundations in ratios, proportionality, and algebraic and geometric thinking. Students develop conceptual understanding of math concepts as they tackle and solve challenging problems that prepare them for Algebra I and college and career readiness.

Agile Mind Biology gives students an essential understanding of challenging concepts and processes from the National Science Education Standards content strands, with tools for inquiry and reflection that lay the groundwork for STEM-based learning.

In addition, Agile Mind’s newly released Middle School Mathematics 6 is now available. It follows the same pedagogical strategies and rigor as the 7th and 8th grade programs, and like 7th and 8th grade, it was specifically designed to fully support the expectations of the new mathematics TEKS for grade 6.

Every Agile Mind program provides:
• Job-embedded professional development with daily guidance, lesson plans, and activities
• Course curriculum, enriched by animations, multiple representations, and simulations of central concepts
• Student practice, homework, and test prep resources for students
• Next-generation formative and summative  assessments
• Real-time data and reports

About Agile Mind
Agile Mind is committed to enhancing equity and high achievement in mathematics and science in our nation’s middle and high schools. Founded in 2002, the company works in collaboration with leading educators to develop comprehensive programs, tools and services that enable educators and education systems to support rigorous instructional experiences for all students. Agile Mind offers comprehensive programs—encompassing job-embedded professional development, course curricula, student practice, formative assessment, and data analytics and reporting—for middle school mathematics through AP Calculus and Statistics, as well as high school Biology and a unique family of programs designed to enhance students’ persistence, effective effort, and growth mindsets.

Press Contact:
Diana Hyland
Director of Marketing, Agile Mind
(512) 586.0765