More and more institutions of higher education are adopting mathematics pathways that match students’ chosen careers. The Dana Center designed the Transition to College Mathematics course materials to prepare students for those pathways by improving students’ quantitative, algebraic, and statistical reasoning abilities. Also included are lessons to improve noncognitive skills, supporting students’ successful transition to higher education and academic success in their first credit-bearing mathematics course.

This Transition to College Mathematics course uses a combination of print and online materials to address topics needed to prepare students for success in any entry-level college mathematics class, including:

• Numeracy, with an emphasis on estimation and fluency with large numbers
• Manipulating and evaluating expressions and formulas
• Rates, ratios, and proportions
• Percentages
• Probability
• Linear equations and inequalities
• Linear systems
• Exponential, quadratic, rational, and square root models
• Data interpretations
• Verbal, algebraic, and graphical interpretations of functions

Integrated within the mathematics content are activities designed to develop noncognitive skills and behaviors predictive of students’ success in college. These skills include perseverance, goal setting, self-regulation, and time management. Specific student success topics in the course include:

• Building effective study groups
• Harnessing brain plasticity
• Creating motivating goals
• Developing metacognitive strategies

The Transition to College Mathematics program includes:

  • Comprehensive, contextually-based lessons emphasizing problem solving and critical thinking
  • Multiple representations of mathematical relationships that develop stronger and more flexible understandings
  • Interactive online homework items that personalize learning and simulate the experience students will encounter in college
  • Real-time reports that move teachers and learners to action

Dynamic classroom experience

Our approach to instruction deepens students’ commitment to learning, encouraging their persistence in the face of academic challenge.


Comprehensive teacher supports

Helping students catch up is highly demanding work. We support teachers with comprehensive programs and proven professional experiences and resources that enable them to adapt their teaching practice to the full diversity of the students they serve.


Nationally respected authors

Our Transition to College Math course was developed through a collaboration of the Charles A. Dana Center at The University of Texas at Austin and leading educators throughout the country.