Agile Mind curriculum for grades 6, 7, and 8 takes students from elementary arithmetic up through increasingly powerful concepts and skills that demand higher levels of thinking. Students:

  • Strengthen their understanding of key mathematical operations and use equivalent fractions as a basis for understanding ratios and proportional reasoning
  • Begin formal work with expressions and equations as they use variables to represent relationships and solve problems
  • Develop their understanding of variables from two perspectives—as placeholders for specific values and as sets of values represented in algebraic relationships
  • Gain fluency with geometric concepts, such as area, surface area, and volume

Experience the Power

A Variety of Teaching and Learning Modalities

Our comprehensive programs offer content in print and digital form to stimulate learning through various modalities. Interactive animations and extended explorations develop students’ understanding of key concepts. Online and paper-and-pencil problem-solving fosters students’ skill fluencies and cements their learning. Hands-on learning is extensively encouraged through using classroom manipulatives and group learning exercises.

We empower teachers to create an engaging and inspiring classroom experience that keeps students motivated and working hard, every step of the way.

Learn how our print and digital resources are being used to enable greater family support of extending student learning at home.

Integrating SEL with challenging mathematics

In addition to our middle school mathematics curriculum programs, districts can connect SEL to mathematics with Academic Youth Development (AYD). These programs leverage the latest research on student mindset, motivation, learning, and persistence and prompt students to apply new SEL skills to mathematics content foundational to grade-level success.

EdReports reviewed programs

Our middle school mathematics programs have been reviewed by


Comprehensive teacher support

Daily, job-embedded supports for teachers enable flexible lessons, with tools and guidance to engage a whole class, small groups, and individual students.


Nationally respected authors

Leaders at the Charles A. Dana Center at the University of Texas author our math programs.