How do new teachers develop their practice? Tentative teachers grow stronger? Successful teachers find the right supports? Overextended teachers manage their busy lives? Agile Mind helps strengthen all teachers, no matter where they are in their professional pathway, with support that is second to none. We make sure teachers get what they need, when they need it, to be their best—every day, for every student.

Experience the Power

Flexible, ongoing support

We tailor support to teachers’ individual needs. Our Professional Services teams are there throughout the school year, both virtually and onsite. They provide expert coaching, based on data and in-class observation, helping teachers assess progress and create plans for optimizing lessons. Webinars build content and pedagogical knowledge throughout the year.

Intensive professional learning

Agile Mind Institutes equip teachers, coaches, and instructional leaders to integrate our programs into their schools and to create successful, rigorous learning experiences for all students. These conferences also provide opportunities to network with other Agile Mind educators and share best practices.

Guidance at your fingertips

We provide a wealth of resources—from ready-to-go lessons and job-embedded instructional advice in our Advice for Instruction (AFI) to formative assessment and reporting tools that support differentiation. The AFI gives teachers what they need to be their best, while freeing up time to focus on their students.

“It’s all there for me. I’ve got my lessons, my tests and quizzes, and with the AFI, I even have entire lesson plans at the tips of my fingers. I love how much time it saves me.”

Algebra teacher, Florida