Agile Assessment offers high-quality middle and high school mathematics assessments worthy of students’ time. Research-based items are aligned to national and state standards and contain the kinds of tasks required for success on high-stakes, next-generation assessments.

Experience the Power

Expertly developed, next-generation questions

Assessments that truly match the content of the standards—and can be used to evaluate student understanding of concepts and skills necessary for mastery.

Real-time reports

Data help educators conveniently monitor students’ progress against the standards and make informed instructional decisions.

Nationally respected authors

Our assessments are developed in collaboration with the Charles A. Dana Center at The University of Texas at Austin.


“Agile Assessment makes test preparation easier. I have access to a great item bank and can even create tests on the fly — sometimes before the period is even up! With all the other demands I have as a teacher, that’s huge in terms of saving me time. And I really like being able to see my students’ scores at a glance.”

Algebra I teacher, Stuart Public School, New Jersey