AUSTIN, TEXAS—Agile Mind’s Single-Variable AP Calculus AB, reviewed by Learning List, is included on the College Board’s Advanced Placement (AP) Example Textbooks List for Calculus AB.

Learning List, the industry leading instructional materials review service for schools and districts, recently reviewed Single-Variable AP Calculus AB and College Board used those reviews in determining that this material met the criteria for inclusion on the Example Textbooks list for the course.

The online product is a comprehensive resource that supports instruction in the Advanced Placement (AP) Calculus AB course. Learning List highlighted content that emphasizes verbal, algebraic, numerical, and graphical representations of concepts, engaging animations, and two forms of an AP Calculus AB practice test as strengths of this material.

“Our subscribing districts across the country asked us for help in determining which materials to purchase for Advanced Placement materials.” said Learning List president, Jackie Lain. “We worked with College Board to develop a methodology for reviewing AP materials for alignment to the revised course frameworks and hired as our reviewers many of the AP teachers who helped College Board develop the frameworks.”

Learning features three research-based reviews of Single-Variable AP Calculus AB including:

– An overview of the material’s key academic attributes and technology requirements

– A detailed verification of the material’s alignment to each of the Learning Objectives and Mathematical Practices contained in the course framework; and,

— An in-depth review of the instructional content and design of the material to help teachers determine whether Single-Variable AP Calculus AB will meet their students’ needs.

“We applaud Agile Mind for being among the first to submit their AP material for an independent review,” said Lain. “Being a leader is not easy but it certainly paid off with Single-Variable AP Calculus AB’s inclusion on the Example Textbooks list.  We hope our that AP teachers will find our reviews helpful both in choosing the resource(s) that will best meet their students’ needs and then using those materials most effectively to fuel their students’ success in the course.”

For information about accessing Learning List’s reviews for Single-Variable AP Calculus AB and over a thousand other preK-12 instructional materials, including open educational resources, contact Learning List at 512-852-2131 or