Technology plays a much larger role today in ensuring learning stays on track in remote and hybrid instruction. EdReports has now released a detailed report reviewing the effectiveness of various instructional technologies relative to how well they help educators support learning in person, remotely, or in hybrid formats. The report rates Agile Mind highly in usability, compatibility, and the ease of technical access and maintenance.

Some of the EdReports highlights include:

  • Online lesson content and learning resources enable students to access lessons and assignments in class or remotely, and to work synchronously and asynchronously with their class, either as individuals, pairs, or groups to address differentiation needs. All teacher and student materials are accessible on a 24/7 basis with a basic internet connection.
  • The Learning Management System provides an integrated experience that includes content, assignments, assessments, and easy-to-use interactive support resources – using real-world scenarios that are relevant and engaging for students.
  • Teacher support tools (printable), lesson advice, resources, and pacing guidance to help differentiate lessons, tasks, assessments, homework, and other content for students — with built-in real-time reports – particularly related to the task of addressing unfinished learning.

Check out the detailed reports:

Agile Mind Middle School Mathematics

Agile Mind High School Traditional Mathematics

Agile Mind High School Integrated Mathematics