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California Department of Education approves Agile Mind Common Core Algebra I and Common Core Middle School Mathematics

January 23, 2014

Agile Mind California ApprovedGRAPEVINE, TEXAS—Agile Mind Common Core Algebra I and Common Core Middle School Mathematics have been approved by the California Department of Education and identified as meeting the Common Core State Standards for mathematics.

In the months ahead, districts across the state begin the hard work of selecting programs that will best meet their needs. They will make crucial decisions about how to make use of the $1.25 billion in Common Core State Standards Implementation Funds to purchase instructional materials.

“We are excited about the opportunity to enhance the teaching and learning experience in California schools,” said Kim Moe, vice president of educational partnerships for Agile Mind. “Never have we been more optimistic about transforming achievement and making a real and measurable difference in the outcomes for students—in their academic pursuits, in their careers, and in their contributions to our nation and to their own communities.”

All Agile Mind programs are designed to increase student achievement in mathematics and to support teacher effectiveness while also preparing students to excel on high stakes exams. These Common Core state-approved programs, tools, and services are accessed online and delivered via teacher-facilitated classroom instruction. Each offers real-world context and a challenging, in-depth curriculum, professional development, student practice, built-in assessments, and real-time data and reports.

California approved programs include:

CCSS Middle School Mathematics 6, 7, and 8: During each full-year course, students develop a conceptual understanding of math concepts as they tackle and solve challenging problems that prepare them for Algebra I and college and career readiness.

CCSS Algebra I: This crucial gateway course puts authoritative resources at teachers’ fingertips and provides a rigorous curriculum that engages, motivates, and lays the foundation for higher mathematics.

As districts look toward full, meaningful implementation of the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics, it is crucial to their success that they analyze their individual capacities and readiness for change using coherent, research-based tools and protocols. California is moving quickly to give schools the tools and resources they need to meet their goals for 2014 and beyond.

Click here to read California Department of Education press release.

About Agile Mind
Agile Mind is committed to enhancing equity and high achievement in mathematics and science in our nation’s middle and high schools. Founded in 2002, the company works in collaboration with leading educators to develop comprehensive programs, tools and services that enable educators and education systems to support rigorous instructional experiences for all students. Agile Mind offers comprehensive programs—encompassing job-embedded professional development, course curricula, student practice, formative assessment, and data analytics and reporting—for middle school mathematics through AP Calculus and Statistics, as well as high school Biology and a unique family of programs designed to enhance students’ persistence, effective effort, and growth mindsets.

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