Congratulations to our partner, District of Columbia Public Schools, for the 18% increase in the number of students advancing to tenth grade. This achievement was recently featured in US News and World Report, and we are honored that our partnership contributed to such success. Here’s what Chrisanne LaHue, Director of Ninth Grade Academies, had to say about our work together:

“Agile Mind’s Intensified Algebra course provides clear learning routines that support students in building conceptual understanding of algebraic thinking, using multiple routes to solutions and multiple ways to represent answers. This design fits with our Ninth Grade Academy components of consistent routines, clear expectations, and close learning relationships between adults and students. Algebra is a gateway courses to promotion, and we are happy to say that 85% of academy students passed algebra in SY 14-15. We know this contributed to our increase in students promoted to 10th grade this year, which was at a high of 75% this year.”

Read the full US News Article HERE.