The latest version of the Agile Mind Update that releases in early December 2022 introduces new features that have been requested by our educators. Here’s how we’ve been listening to you!

New easy-to-share links to assignments, quizzes, and tests

A shareable link is automatically copied to an educator’s clipboard when a new assignment, quiz, or test is created. Educators can also get a link to share with students from the action menus on their Calendar. This link can be shared via email, added to Google Classroom, or pasted into a homework management app, for example.

More flexible quiz scheduling for real-life classroom scenarios

We now offer even more flexible quiz scheduling to support how you teach in your classroom. From absent students to quiz corrections to student accommodations, we’ve got you covered with our new quiz extension feature. Quiz extensions let you give the same quiz at different times to the students in a class. Support students with additional time? Have a student who needs to take the quiz before or after the rest of the class? Prefer to schedule a makeup quiz or give your students a chance to correct their answers? No problem!

Ready to learn more?

To learn more about these and other new features, click the Help button in the top right corner of your Agile Mind window and choose the “New in Agile Mind” option. We’ll get you started with our how-to video. You can also reach out online if you have questions.