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Agile Mind is proud to be included on the 2019 Adopted Materials list by the state of New Mexico.

This page provides an introduction to Agile Mind’s middle and high school mathematics programs. Here you will find the orientation videos for each course submitted, as well as a quick start guide. When you are ready to review the programs, click the  “Log In” button to the right.

Get to know Agile Mind. Our About Agile Mind Document provides a brief summary of what we have to offer.

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Agile Mind materials received top ratings by EdReports.org in both middle and high school math as well as a Tier I designation from the Louisiana Department of Education.

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With Agile Mind, Students Believe They Can Succeed

Blended Approach Supports In-Person and Remote Learning

Agile Mind programs are delivered in a “blended” format, meaning that some essential materials are provided online and others in print. Our digital and print resources provide ideal support for remote, hybrid, or in-person instruction to meet current and changing challenges in teaching and learning.

The online curriculum can be shared with an entire class by being projected. In this model, all that is needed is a computer, access to the Internet, and a projection device. With access to a computer, tablet, or smartphone, students can work independently or in groups at the direction of their teacher. Click here to learn more about resources for educators and families.

Spotlight on Intensified Algebra I

Struggling students need a powerful combination of additional time, a challenging curriculum, and cohesive, targeted supports and interventions. Agile Mind provides tools and teaching supports to help students stay on track, graduate on time, and gain passage to advanced learning.

Agile Mind’s Intensified Algebra I program is a proven program that integrates a comprehensive, engaging mathematics curriculum with interventions for struggling learners to motivate and develop students’ positive beliefs about their academic abilities. Research has shown this program is powerful in bringing students who are entering Algebra I behind in mathematics up to grade level in one academic year. To learn more, view the Intensified Algebra I Research Brief.

Resources and Introductions

An Introduction & Overview

Math 6

Math 7

Math 8

Algebra I


Algebra II

Intensified Algebra

Agile Mind mathematics programs are fully aligned to content standards and provide support for the Mathematical Practices. Click here, or on the graphic, to learn more about our blended learning approach, course design, engaging animations, interactive simulations, and rich problem-solving tasks.

Since 2002, Agile Mind programs have served more than 4 million students and 40,000 educators, over 80% of whom live and work in underserved areas. From large urban districts to rural communities, Agile Mind programs have had a dramatic impact on student engagement and achievement, and on the practice, enjoyment, and effectiveness of their teachers. Click here to learn about our partner’s success.

Agile Mind programs are designed to help teachers provide rigorous, yet accessible instructional experiences for every student, with the primary strategies being rich problem-solving tasks with multiple entry points, productive group work, and the use of framing and reframing questions. Click here to learn more about our supports for differentiation and for English Language Learners.

Culturally Responsive Teaching is about creating environments in which all students feel included as contributors to the collective learning of mathematics. It is about cultivating each student’s mathematical identity and promoting positive mathematics learning and achievement. Agile Mind supports this work by:

  • Supporting deep learning through rich, rigorous, and relevant mathematics
  • Engaging and valuing student’s unique identities and learning styles by connecting new learning to prior learning, supporting multiple learning pathways, and representing diverse communities, identities, and abilities
  • Sharing authority for learning of mathematics through worthy tasks that foster authentic discourse and collaboration

To learn more about the Agile Mind Learning Experience, click here.

Virtual professional learning seminars for both new Agile Mind teachers and leaders are designed to introduce educators to the comprehensive Agile Mind tools and resources that support their instruction. Topics include understanding components of the Agile Mind system, using Agile Mind tools to facilitate learning, learning from observing classroom instruction, and strategies for lesson and topic planning. Learn more about our model of virtual professional learning and options for ongoing professional development throughout the year by visiting Professional Learning Pathways and reviewing our current Professional Learning Catalog.

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Our math programs are developed in collaboration with the Charles A. Dana Center at The University of Texas at Austin.

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