School Year Professional Learning Pathways

Professional Learning Pathways provide teachers with highly customizable virtual learning opportunities to ensure an effective Agile Mind implementation during the school year. The Pathways meet immediate middle- and high-school teacher professional development needs to optimize mathematics instruction using Agile Mind’s digital curricular resources for remote, hybrid, or in-person instruction this fall.

Just-in-time Professional Learning for new and experienced teachers

Agile Mind’s Professional Learning Pathways address a series of topics for new or experienced faculty and include live and interactive virtual sessions, asynchronous (self-paced) learning, and community engagement for application, practice, and collaboration with peers.

“This PD sets the bar for how Virtual PDs should be conducted…it should be shared with all divisions/schools so that teachers are able to see a truly engaging virtual experience.” 

Teacher, OH

Customizable pathways based on your teachers’ needs

A Professional Learning Pathway includes 4 sessions as a package, with the opportunity to add additional sessions based on your

Sample pathways and their associated sessions are provided below.
A full list of available sessions can be found in our Professional Learning catalog.

Pathway 1
Addressing Unfinished Learning Remotely
Supports for Addressing Unfinished LearningOrganizing & Planning for Synchronous Remote InstructionAgile Mind & Distance Learning Introduction to Social, Emotional,
& Academic Development (SEAD) 
Pathway 2
Planning for
Agile Mind in Distance LearningSupports for Addressing Unfinished LearningStrategies for Efficient Topic PlanningPlanning for One Block/Lesson
Each Day
Pathway 3
SEAD in Mathematics
Classroom Culture & BelongingBeliefs, Attitudes, & MotivationSelf-Regulation
& Metacognition
Productive Struggle & Persistence
Pathway 4
Differentiation and ELL Supports
Differentiation & Agile MindSupports for Addressing Unfinished LearningPractice, Proficiency,
& Fluency
Supporting English Language Learners

I had no idea what to expect but Agile Mind seems amazing. Thank you for providing us with training that was not only informative but included some of the teaching strategies suggested within Agile Mind. [the Agile Mind instructor] did an outstanding job of relaying information, giving us guidance, encouraging exploration, and answering all questions.”

Teacher, WA

Additional sessions for expansion and customization

  • 5 Practices for Facilitating Productive Mathematical Discourse
  • Practice, Proficiency, and Fluency in Agile Mind Course Programs
  • Strategies for Efficient Topic Planning
  • Planning for One Block or Lesson Each Day

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Four elements of a virtual learning event

1. Prepare: Complete work in advance, such as a survey or reading.
2. Meet Virtually: Attend a live, virtual meeting with peers.
3. Learn & Apply: Complete a set of asynchronous (self-paced) tasks, such as studying resources independently, reviewing tools for classroom application, and sharing and collaborating through an online professional learning community.
4. Review Data: Asynchronously/individually review and reflect on data related to use, progress, and student performance.

“Our teachers were worried about managing instruction remotely. They are thrilled with this support!”

New Jersey Deputy Superintendent for Instruction