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Agile Mind course programs include Student Activity Sheets that enable student exploration, study, and practice in class or for homework. For educators, Advice for Instruction provides topic planning resources and daily lesson guidance. As an added convenience, Agile Mind offers three ways to access these resources, including updated print editions for our 2016-2017 program in Middle School Mathematics through Algebra II:

1. One-stop Download
Within the embedded Professional Support area of the Agile Mind programs for educators, there is a section called “Print materials.” Educators can download a single PDF file for each topic that includes all of the Student Activity Sheets associated with that topic, as well as a single PDF file with all the Advice for Instruction resources for the topic.

2. Student & Teacher Access
In Agile Mind programs, students can access the Student Activity Sheets for every topic, and teachers can access all Student Activity Sheets and all Advice for Instruction resources.

3. Print Editions for Purchase
Agile Mind now offers for purchase printed and bound editions of our Student Activity Sheets and our Advice for Instruction.

NOTE: For ease of use, Student Activity Sheets books are perforated for students, and the Advice for Instruction books are spiral bound.

To learn more about how to order print editions, please contact (866) 284-4655, extension #2 for Managers of Educational Partnerships, or email us at with the subject line “SAS/AFI Print Edition.”