Thank you for visiting the Agile Mind Transition to College Mathematics Professional Learning page. This page contains a series of videos that provide you with the resources needed to teach this course using the Agile Mind course materials. We suggest that you start with the Course Design and Content video and then move to the Professional Support Component videos. These two videos give specific information unique to the Transition to College Mathematics course materials.

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Professional Learning Video Series

Course Design and Content

Professional Support Components

The videos below give more information about using the Agile Mind course materials. Some details of your user interface may be a little different as these videos support all the Agile Mind courses.

Dashboards, Rosters, and Preferences

Creating Groups

Scheduling an Assignment

Assignment Reports, Score & Review

Student View of an Assignment

* Note: TCM assessment items are called Preview and Assignment items instead of Guided practice and More practice

Google Translate and Read Aloud

Related Resources

The following resources support the design and philosophy of the Transition to College Mathematics Course and provide context for the course in the changing landscape of mathematics in K-12 and higher education.

Launch Years Course Framework

As mentioned in the Professional Support video, the learning outcomes of this course were created as part of the Dana Center’s Launch Year’s Initiative. Download the full Transition to College Mathematics Course Framework to see the design principles, Social Emotional and Academic Development outcomes, and the content outcomes.

The Case for Mathematics Pathways

Mathematics pathways are designed to address three barriers to student learning and success: inappropriate placement, misaligned content and long course sequences. This article outlines the benefits of mathematics pathways for our nation’s students.

Modernizing Mathematics Curriculum

Michael Pearson is a mathematician and mathematics educator. He is executive director of the Mathematical Association of America (MAA). In this video, Pearson discusses the need to move beyond post-Sputnik-era curriculum design and course sequences in postsecondary mathematics education and provide students with instruction and training more suited to the needs of our 21st Century economy.

Nationally Respected Authors

Our Transition to College Mathematics course was developed in collaboration with the Charles A. Dana Center at The University of Texas at Austin.
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