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Agile Mind is proud to receive top ratings by EdReports.org in both middle and high school math.

With support of the Department of Education, New York City Public Schools piloted Agile Mind’s Academic Youth Development program in the summer of 2017, with positive results for Algebra For All teachers and rising 8th grade Algebra I students. In addition to increasing student engagement and persistence, the program helped to achieve NYC’s Algebra For All Student & Community Support goals.

During the 2018-2019 school year, Academic Youth Development (AYD) will serve NYC’s 9th and 10th grade students in advisory, study skills, freshman orientation, extended homeroom, or after-school. The program helps students develop new mindsets and strategies for learning that they can apply to all their classes. They build critical thinking and self management skills through engaging experiences and tasks in mathematics, science, and logical reasoning, and develop action steps for becoming more powerful, effective learners.

This site provides resources to orient you to the AYD program and the outcomes you can see with your students and teachers.


Blended Learning Approach

A note about our program design:
Agile Mind programs appear in a “blended” format, meaning that some essential materials are provided online and others in print. With access to the Internet and a projection device, teachers can share the online resources with an entire class. In 1:1 classrooms or settings with shared computers or tablets, students can work with the online materials together, at the direction of their teacher.

In any model, students work in pairs or small table groups and use activity sheets, interactive tools, and manipulatives as they engage in challenging tasks, collaborate with peers, prepare and present their ideas, and reflect on how they learn.

Nationally Respected Authors

Our math programs are developed in collaboration with the Charles A. Dana Center at The University of Texas at Austin.

Thank you for your time and consideration as we work together to transform achievement in math and science — for all students!