Information for Families

It means so much for students to have support from their families and loved ones. Whether you’re striving to help your student stay on track and make academic progress or want to stay involved in their learning process, Agile Mind’s curriculum resources help families to engage and follow their students’ learning.

Digital and print materials for
students, families, and teachers

Supporting Students with Agile Mind

Students and their families have easy access to all the tools and resources they need to engage and to thrive in mathematics. With a student’s User ID and Password, students and families can:

  • Access all Agile Mind curriculum and tools on computers or tablets, and complete assignments on smartphones.
  • View and complete current assignments from their teachers, including online lessons, interactive animations, problem-solving tasks, practice items, and quizzes.
  • Access Student Activity Sheets that accompany online lessons as PDF and editable Microsoft Word documents.
  • Monitor progress and performance on assignments and quizzes with online reports.

Introduction for students and families

This brief video provides an introduction to Agile Mind programs and tools, and how these resources are used to support students’ learning.

Monitoring progress with Agile Mind

This brief video provides guidance for engaging with Agile Mind’s Assignments and Quizzes, and using their associated reports to monitor progress.

Quick Start Guide for Families — English

This guide shares key features and navigation tools.

Quick Start Guide for Families — Spanish

This guide shares key features and navigation tools.