A Leader’s Perspective About AYD

Questions asked:

00;45 What is Algebra for All? How does AYD fit in with this work?

03;23 How did the outcomes for students and teachers achieved through AYD meet your expectations?

05;57 How important are the skills learned in AYD in this new learning environment?

08;42 How can remote learning be used to build students’ social and emotional learning competencies?

11;41 What role do norms and routines play in supporting students’ learning in this environment?

13;40 How do you see the social and emotional learning skills learned in AYD supporting students’ capacity in math?

15;37 What is the AYD professional learning experience like for teachers?

17;31 How do you believe a productive learning culture can be created remotely?

19;10 How and why has your work with Agile Mind grown over the years?

22;24 What role do families play in supporting students’ positive mindsets and skills for learning?

24;10 What else would you want to share about the work with AYD and Agile Mind?

26;05 How have your Algebra for All plans changed because of COVID, and what are your plans moving forward?

28;54 For educators considering investments in SEL, how do you believe the skills in AYD are beneficial for teachers and students in other districts?