Agile Mind programs are explicitly designed to equip teachers and leaders with elite resources worthy of the challenges they face every day. Through blended models of professional development and support, we leverage 21st century technologies to provide the tools, knowledge, support, and feedback teachers need—and deserve—to elevate their practice for all of the students they serve.

The heart of our mission is to support instructional leadership of individual teachers and teacher teams in every aspect of their practice.

Agile Mind professional services are organized to support the principal dimensions of teacher effectiveness frameworks and evaluation rubrics.

Professional services focus on planning and preparation, classroom environment, instruction, and professional responsibilities for:

  • Teachers. Support for both new and experienced Agile Mind teachers with research-based best practices and advanced professional development to address key challenges and opportunities teachers often encounter.
  • Leaders/Administrators. Support to effectively lead the implementation process and culture change, foster beneficial use of Agile Mind programs by teachers and students, and make decisions informed by research, performance data, and progress toward their goals.
  • Coaches. Support districts whose leaders want to build their internal capacity to launch and sustain a robust Agile Mind implementation.

Agile Mind has a multifaceted approach to professional services in support of our district partners.

Institutes are 2-3 day conferences typically held during the summer and designed to support the needs of hundreds of teachers and leaders from multiple Agile Mind partner districts—from those who are just getting started with Agile Mind to our most experienced partners. Through differentiated sessions, teachers learn to use and integrate Agile Mind planning, instructional, and assessment resources into their practices; gain experience in collaborating by using common lessons and assessments; and learn ways to enhance their strategies for ensuring a successful, rigorous learning experience for all students.

In addition to sessions for teachers, half-day leadership sessions equip district and campus leaders with knowledge of high-yield practices for the implementation and integration of Agile Mind course programs into their instructional frameworks.

In addition to participating in Institutes, educators benefit from customized Advisor sessions during the academic year. Agile Mind Advisor Services support teachers and leaders in their Agile Mind implementation by meeting immediate needs and building internal capacity.

School-based Advisor Services – these small group sessions can be targeted content studies, in-class observation and feedback, grade-level planning sessions, or co-teaching lessons, are scheduled during collaborative planning or release time at individual schools.

District-based Advisor Services – these sessions are typically coordinated with district-wide professional development calendars and leadership meeting schedules and are delivered in a centralized venue coordinated by the district for teachers, leaders, and coaches across district offices.

Virtual Advisor Services – customized Advisor-facilitated webinars designed to support teachers on topics that can be effectively delivered via the Internet. In addition, periodic national webinars on selected programs and best practices are offered throughout the school year.