Agile Mind was founded to enhance one thing: the opportunity to learn. We focus on equity and high achievement in mathematics and science because of its importance to both the lives of students and to the future of our nation.

By partnering with leading education entities, we place research-based programs and tools in the hands of teachers and students. Collaborators include:

  • The Charles A. Dana Center at The University of Texas, Austin
  • Biological Sciences Curriculum Studies (BSCS)
  • The Silicon Valley Mathematics Initiative
  • University of Illinois Learning Sciences Center
  • A growing network of researchers committed to independent study of our work, including Brian Rowan, Howard Everson, James Pellegrino, Wisconsin Center for Education Research, and others.

For students, we have created powerful programs, tools, and strategies that help them excel in the courses that are crucial for admission to America’s leading colleges and universities.

We have used the Internet to deliver these tools and services at a fraction of their historical costs. Further leveraging this infrastructure, we deliver high-quality services that schools and districts find increasingly essential to meet the high expectations of our nation, our states, and our communities..

Agile Mind is built on a combination of high-tech and high-touch strategies. In addition to Internet-delivered services, educators and administrators also receive face-to-face seminars, mentoring, and a rich array of  resources to manage their demanding workloads, expand their expertise, and dramatically improve outcomes for their students.

But the success of our tools and our services is measured in the faces, in the motivation, and in the achievement of your students—all of your students. Our only success is theirs and yours. We welcome your feedback and questions.