Resources for Cohort 1, 2 and 3

Key documents

Agile Mind Leadership Guide for Success
College Ready Math Initiative Partners
Cohort 1 Grantee Districts/Schools
Cohort 2 Grantee Districts/Schools
Cohort 3 Grantee Districts/Schools
Cohort 1, 2 and 3 Map
E-AYD Fact Sheet



Past webinars

Webinar Series for Intensification vs. Remediation

Intensification vs. Remediation: A Better Path to Algebra Success
A three-part webinar series for school and district leaders

Cohort 2 Webinar: Thursday February 16


  • CRMI Overview
  • Program Overview
  • Course Programs: IA & School Year AYD
  • Calendar Review, Spring 2017 Leadership Work
  • Evaluation Overview
  • Follow-up / Next Steps