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A co-sponsored event hosted by Bellingham School District

Tuesday August 11, 2015

Join us for an exclusive workshop focused on how mindset, productive persistence and other social-emotional factors influence math success, and how these can be intentionally shaped to support student learning. This will be relevant toward supporting students’ mastery of the new standards for Mathematics, with focus on the 8 standards for mathematical practice, and their high achievement on related assessment tests.

Preview an educator’s course developed by the Charles A. Dana Center at The University of Texas at Austin.

Uri8:00 am — KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Dr. Uri Triesman

Teaching Productive Persistence: Its Promise and Pitfalls

At a time when malleable mindsets, grit, and other constructs from social psychology are seen as magic bullets for improving math learning—and more broadly—school performance, how can teachers make sense of the underlying research and thoughtfully choose which strategies to incorporate in their pedagogical repertoires strengthening student motivation and self regulation in their math programs.

Philip Uri Treisman is professor of mathematics and of public affairs at The University of Texas at Austin. He is the founder and executive director of the University’s Charles A. Dana Center, an organized research unit of the College of Natural Sciences. His research and professional interests span mathematics and science education, education policy, social and developmental psychology, and community service and volunteerism.

9:30 am – 1:00 pm —WORKSHOP

With new accountability measures being implemented –districts are laser focused on ensuring assessment transition does not deviate students’ path to graduation. This workshop will focus on reshaping the way students interact with content and concepts, and enhancing mathematics instruction to significantly improve student achievement. 

Who should attend? All interested Instructional administrators, Math Directors, Math Coaches and Lead Math Teachers. This workshop is intended to bring together an exclusive group of educators to ensure focused collaboration.

Workshop participants will:

Review today’s research and its relevance to your district through:

  • Collaborative problem solving strategies
  • Building social-emotional skills and strategies
  • Developing ideas critical to shaping student learning and academic success

Observe the research tools in action with:

  • Teachers and administrators from surrounding districts will be attending a concurrent Regional Training Seminar
  • Observation of planning and preparation for district integration

Learn from implementation experts by:

  • Peer discussion about strategies to effectively translate the research into practice
  • Question and answers about vision, challenges and student achievement outcomes
  • Special Guests: Charisse Berner -Director of Teaching and Learning; Chuck Devange -Teacher on Special Assignment

Research demonstrates that what students think about their potential as learners—and what educators think about their students’ learning capacity—dramatically affect outcomes. A growth mindset is just the beginning. We are excited to work together to transform student achievement outcomes by reshaping the way students interact with content and concepts, and enhancing mathematics instruction.