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Fostering student success through formative assessment.

As districts across the nation receive official performance results from new high-stakes, next-generation assessments, student scores have dropped due both to the unfamiliarity of the test and to the rigor of the new standards.  Decades of research make clear that it is difficult and time consuming to prepare for the unknown and unfamiliar, but that regular formative assessment can have a powerful impact on student learning and on summative assessment performance.

Join us for a webinar that explores the research and methods of utilizing formative assessment in daily classroom instruction to achieve success in learning that is reflected on high-stakes assessment results. Crucial to transforming achievement is developing familiarity with the rigor and purpose of standards for teachers and students as well as tools for just-in-time intervention through the use of next-generation items, particularly in STEM courses.

Using Formative Assessment to Achieve Summative Success

Tuesday, December 8 at 2:00pm – 3:00pm CT

In this session, you will hear from experts in instruction and in the translation of research to practice, as well as from practitioners currently seeing success with this work. You will also learn about the Agile Assessment 5.0 system which enables students and teachers to use technology-enhanced items, and to receive timely information about student strengths and gaps that can be acted upon in daily instruction to increase student success on summative exams.


TOPICS OF DISCUSSION: Research Theory, Action, and Practice

  • Research: Rationale for high-yield formative assessments and types of formative assessment
  • Action: Success in utilizing formative assessment to accelerate the learning curve for next-generation assessment success
  • Practice: How Agile Assessment supports formative assessment through opportunities to integrate technology-enhanced items with rigorous curriculum


Alisa Rafter–Program Development Manager, Agile Mind
Kathi Cook–Manager of Online Programs, the Charles A. Dana Center
Nick Romagnolo–Special Assistant of Mathematics, Newark Public Schools (NJ)

Collaboration with Leading Experts in Research-to-Practice
Developed through a deep research and development collaboration between Agile Mind and the Charles A. Dana Center at The University of Texas at Austin, Agile Assessment 5.0 helps educators identify their students’ strengths and gaps in the critical subjects of middle school mathematics, algebra and geometry, and Algebra II.